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Computer Diagnostics

Computer Diagnostics in Kitchener, ON

Most of today’s vehicles are controlled by on-board computers, whether you realize it or not. Your vehicle’s fuel injectors, steering system, spark plugs, and others are all told when to fire and when to move by an onboard computer system.

The computer is responsible for turning on your Check Engine or other vehicle warning light. When something in your vehicle or your engine goes wrong, it is your on-board computer system that effectively diagnosis the problem so that it can be repaired.

Computerized diagnostics are important to make sure your vehicle is working right.

Let Dial A Tire Ontario handle your computer diagnostics. We serve all of Kitchener, ON, Cambridge, ON, Waterloo, ON, and surrounding areas.

On-Board Diagnostics System in Kitchener, ON

The OBD System, or On-Board Diagnostics System, was originally installed to monitor vehicle emissions. It also detects problems within the engine or other vehicle systems.

Both OBD I and OBD II systems exist. OBD II systems becoming the standard in vehicles manufactured after 1996.

The OBD is connected to the engine control unit (ECU). The ECU helps your engine run efficiently while keeping emissions low.

  • The OBD can identify and warn the driver of engine malfunction. It sends error notifications to the ECU system.
  • The ECU is in charge of several engine functions, including the mixture of air and fuel, emissions, and engine timing.
  • The ECU uses sensors to monitor them or make adjustments. If the ECU detects malfunctions, it turns on the “check engine” light on the dashboard.
  • The OBD system then records the code pertaining to the problem.
  • The code can be accessed by a trained technician through engine diagnostic equipment. This allows for proper diagnoses of the issue.

What is the importance of the On-Board Diagnostics system?

The OBD system is capable of finding malfunctions before they lower engine performance or cause severe damage.

The OBD system is mandatory. Because of this, your car is capable of monitoring and diagnosing its own performance.

When should I have engine diagnostics performed?

You should have engine diagnostics performed when the “check engine” light comes on. Engine diagnostics will help detect problems early. This keeps small problems from becoming big or costly problems.

Why should I have engine diagnostics performed?

Engine diagnostics also help keep emissions low. If your engine is malfunctioning, your vehicle might not pass an emissions test.

When your “check engine” light turns on, don’t just ignore it. It is time for you to contact us for a computerized diagnostics service. Our staff will work hard to get your vehicle working properly and answer any questions you may have every step of the way.

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